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Yet, despite the staggering extent of the change Ms Goldin documents, a clear gender gap still exists for these women, most notably with respect to pay. American women earn on average 20% less per hour worked. For college graduates, the gap is larger, at 26%. It is at this point that the book becomes provocative. Drawing on reams of research Ms Goldin argues that most women no longer suffer much labour-market discrimination in the sense of unequal pay for equal performance, as is often claimed by the left. Nor is the gender pay gap driven find out this here primarily by women’s choice of occupation, an explanation sometimes favoured by the right. Even if the distribution of women’s occupations matched that of men—“if women were the doctors and men were the nurses”—she calculates that at most a third of the pay gap would disappear. The most important cause is that women curtail their careers as a part of a rational household response to labour markets, which generously reward anyone, male or female, who is willing to hold down what Ms Goldin calls a “greedy job”. These are roles, such as those in law, accountancy and finance, that demand long and unpredictable hours.


Iran's players cheer after winning the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifying football match against Lebanon - AFP Tehran (AFP) – Iran's footballers, well-placed to reach the World Cup 2022 finals in Qatar, feel they are being taken for granted by their national federation. "Our victories have become a normal thing (for the federation). Instead of giving us more support, they've completely forgotten us," the players lamented in posts on Instagram. "The people need to be informed of the excessive problems faced by the national team," players wrote. This state of affairs is "not at all worthy of our country's name". Iran beat Lebanon 2-1 away on Thursday, leaving them at the top of Group A in Asian qualifiers for next year's finals. "We've been using old one-time offer shirts for the past year," players said. The federation reacted quickly to the posts, with spokesman Hossein Sharifi saying on state television its president was working to resolve any problems faced by Team Melli. The team, which has qualified for five finals since 1978, "needs support and we hope everybody stands by the federation in doing this", he said.

The agency eventually reversed that decision under pressure. Read a fact sheet on the bill released by the White House: Now U.S. Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Houston, says she and others in the Houston congressional delegation will be on guard to prevent that from happening again. "We’re going to make, quite frankly, damn sure that Houston gets its fair share, that the county gets its fair share, and that we make sure that we get the money where we intended to go, and that’s to the people," Garcia said. Garcia has her own priorities. As with Green, safe drinking water is a big concern. Other top concerns for Garcia include improving airports and the Port of Houston to deal with supply bottlenecks, and weatherizing the state's electrical grid , which failed during February’s winter storm. “Let’s not forget that 210 people died from that freeze,” Garcia said. “We cannot go through that again." Some projects are truly statewide, like improving broadband access.