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Additionally, the Norse update introduces complex new tracks such as God’s Realm and Luminous Bridge, where players can revel in the grandeur of ancient Asgardian gods as they race their way to glory. But it’s not just new characters that are coming to the game this week, as developer Nexon revealed several new Karts are available to players too. Expect to be able to drive the Starship Solid, a Legendary-grade kart with overwhelming speed, and Lightning Chariot, a Legendary chariot designed after debut character Thunder Bringer. The list of new vehicles also includes Epic and Legendary Karts like the all-new Thunder Lancer, Fenrir Rover and more Norse myth-inspired Karts. As mentioned earlier, the Norse update bring the long-awaited Track Customization mode, which allows players to construct their own unique KartRider Rush+ racing tracks. For those who are into customization and tuning, this season’s update introduces four new extra parts for Karts, which are now available in the Factory. Moreover, Norse includes some Dashboard Skin updates, automatic parts withdrawal when time-limited Karts are expired, and license-free Time Trial.

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Artificial intelligence expected to proliferate in Argentina Artificial intelligence expected to proliferate in Argentina Bnamericas Published: Thursday, November 11, 2021 Artificial intelligence Databases Studies Software Development Company Big Data Only 19% of Argentine companies are using artificial intelligence (AI), but the figure is set to rise, as 60% of companies are exploring its use, according to a study by IBM . Almost half of respondents use AI for customer service applications, 31% for marketing and sales operations and 26% to power virtual assistants. And 59% of IT professionals said their company is using natural language processing solutions to improve the customer experience. In Latin America, Argentina trails Chile and Brazil in adopting AI.  "The pandemic accelerated the use of AI due to the greater need for accurate information and the lower availability of resources," Guillermo Treister, IBM’s regional AI solutions leader, said during a press conference. IBM’s Watson Assistant solution registered a steep increase in use in Latin America. According to the study, 59% of Argentine IT professionals said their company is using automation software and 23% said their company plans to adopt such software in the next 12 months. Also, results showed a 70% reduction in false financial crime alerts, 60% less call time, 40% more productivity, 50% lower operating costs and shorter response time to IT incidents. Of the companies surveyed, 51% said lack of skills and training hinders developing and managing artificial intelligence. Other barriers involve the lack of tools and platforms for model development (28%) and lack of data reliability (22%). In response, IBM aims to simplify tools so handling them doesn’t require deep technological knowledge.

Biden administration officials acknowledged in documents published to the federal register that in canceling Trump’s rules, they were adopting views that federal wildlife agencies rejected just months ago. But the Biden administration officials said a reevaluation of the Trump policies showed them to be “problematic” because they limited the government’s ability to advance conservation by protecting areas where plants and animals are found. Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks Shannon Estenoz said the proposal would bring the endangered species law “back into alignment with its original intent and purpose — protecting and recovering America’s biological heritage for future generations.” READ MORE: Supreme Court sends endangered frog case to lower court The rule changes under Trump were finalized during his last weeks in office, meaning they’ve had little time to make a significant impact. No new critical habitat designations have been affected by the rules since they went into effect in January, Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Brian Hires said. One allows the government to deny habitat protections for endangered animals and plants in areas that could see greater economic benefits from development. Democratic lawmakers and wildlife advocates complained that would potentially open lands to more drilling and other activities. The other rule provided a definition of “habitat” that critics charged would exclude locations species might need to use in the future as climate change upends ecosystems.